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Our mission

The mission of The Green Line: Green Roof.


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The Green Line: Green Roof

offers you landscaping with real care about plants. This results in projects well adapted, beautiful and healthy.


The Green Line

symbolizes our capacity to make green any type of surface, either it is a roof, a yard, a wall or even stairs!

Size doesn't matter

You have a 50 or 50 000 square feet projects for us? We will show the same enthusiasm!

The Green Line, in short…

The Green Line: Green Roof started in 2009, when Patrice Godin and Antoine Trottier met along different environmental projects while at UQAM, among which one of them was prize-winner in Force Avenir 2008 and 2010.

After the publication of ‘Toitures végétales en milieu institutionnel: Étude de cas UQAM’ (Green Roofs in Institutional context: UQAM Case Study) by Antoine, they both saw the opportunity to launch their business in that still emerging field in Montreal.

In the beginning named Ligne verte: Éco-conseillers s.e.n.c., it became The Green Line: Green Roof in 2013, after 4 years of green roof, landscaping, green wall and urban agriculture projects.

Now with many projects under the belt over the years, The Green Line: Green Roof is now a leader in the green roof industry.


A team that:



have a people-oriented approach to project.


will find the best and most efficient technology solutions to respect your goals and your budget.


place emphasis on healthy, aesthetic and vigorous plants in their landscape design.

wants to share with you their knowledge about plants and green roofs so you are able to maintain them by yourselves.