‘The Green Line’ symbolizes our capacity to make green any surface: a roof, a yard, a wall or even staris!





Our mission is to help you design a better environment by adding plants into it, either it is a business, home or recreational context.





The Green Line: Green Roof hopes to make your environment more eco-friendly while using ethical and eco-friendly methods as well.



An ecological, but pragmatic approach.



Our poor muscles sometimes suffer, but for a good cause: The Green Line: Green Roof use manual tools for most of the work. We only use big machinery for big work needs!



At The Green Line, we try to reduce our mileage. For evaluations, estimations and meetings and sometimes landscaping maintenance, don’t be surprised to see us on bikes!

Ecological pragmatism

Our approach is simple and aims to recognize the conditions of your yard and suggest the best plant species to implant, so we can minimize time, energy and money to maintain your landscape in the long run.



The Green Line promotes integrated and ecological solutions for pest control and the use of organic fertilizers.